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  • NAB Just curious 06/12/2018  6:57pm

    I noticed in both live tv performances of Let It Go, Caissie is wearing one in-ear monitor. Is this like a new thing on Broadway sound wise, or just specific tot hat show, or strictly for these two performances? Just curious haha!


    So glad she didn't wear those DAMN PANTS

    Dance_3looks_10 06/13/2018  1:52pm

    I don't know for sure, but based on my own experience, it may just be personal preference for those events. I had in-ears on my last ship contract, as did my other three lead vocalists. One guy always used both, the other literally never used them. The other girl and I changed our usage based on the show / how we felt... I always used both for one show (full orchestra), never for another (fully tracked music, plus a lot of costume issues I didn't want the extra wires interfering with), and pulled them in and out for the other two shows depending on the number, or what sound check felt like that day. Just my own two cents. :)

    Rose4386 06/14/2018  3:38am

    Oh, and the other girl used to have just one in for her solo numbers and both in for group stuff.

    Rose4386 06/14/2018  3:40am