• Is this a pretty good example of NY actors 06/12/2018  10:14pm

    I just moved here from LA. I was on a show for a few years and got pretty lucky but oh oh it’s been over a while. I actually asked about insurance. Is the bitching post kind of how actors here communicate. I have a pretty good agent. What I’m really looking for is the community of actors. But for real? You guys are a little intense. Is it always the same people.? Just checking.

    Lady Miss Cookie

    Well, that will get you into a good little spat.

    whattheheck 06/13/2018  9:26am

    Just spend several evenings at Blockheads and you’ll connect with the most fiercest non-Eq bitches in the city. As they throw away 100s of dollars on weak frozen margaritas, they’ll fill your life with stories of how they can’t afford rent, how every survival job in the city is out to get them, and how every person on the Tonys stole roles from them.

    Mr. Noodles 06/13/2018  9:51am

    Hey, no this is not a genuine look at New York actors. This is very much a message board and over the past few years it’s become much more about nitpicks and bitches, rather than big discussions or helping each other. It’s still a great resource for info, conversation and gossip. I’ve lived and auditioned in LA between being a non union hustler and then getting my card. The three worlds are very different. There’s crazies in all of them as well as truly wonderful souls. This is what it is, very much powered by the anonymity of a message board and the frustration of this business.

    iamplayingme 06/13/2018  10:43am

    Nah, in general I wouldn't be able to hang with half of these mofos if all they we did was bitch like this in the real world. Well the anonymity, I might be hanging with them already but they def don't bring that energy around me.. But You Are on the bitching post, its kinda what we do here. Maybe you should take a workshop class or something. Personally, Bob Cline's class was all good vibes for me and we all got along pretty well.

    Actor12129 06/13/2018  10:52am

    Well, if backstage offers a bitching post, what do you think people will do? BITCH! Now, maybe they can offer an "Ideas" post instead. There will be less bitching. More helping and exchanging.

    FinallyGettingThis 06/14/2018  10:30am