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  • NAB - ACT of Connecticut 06/13/2018  8:46am

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has info on this it a commuting job? Etc. there isn’t a gig&tell


    I have a friend working there rn and he's enjoying it.

    From the AA breakdown:

    RATE: AEA SPT, Tier 5
    $425 p/w + h/p
    *AEA Actors will receive 6 weeks of h/p contributions
    Non-Union: $350 per week
    RT transportation provided by theatre to/from CT/NYC

    So if it is a commuting job at least they're paying for it...

    BariToxic 06/13/2018  2:29pm

    the reason there's no gig&tell is because this is their first season! but i have a friend in mamma mia there currently who seems to be loving it. not sure about the commuting but everything online says they cover that

    sabrinamk27 06/15/2018  2:29pm

    Friend is doing Mamma Mia there right now. First season. Nice space. Daily van to CT. It is a daily commute. Very very very limited equity contracts. They had 5-6 for Mamma Mia. Great creative team.

    CalltheBitchOut 06/15/2018  2:40pm