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  • J Baker Management 06/13/2018  2:38pm

    Has anyone heard anything about Baker Management? Or works for them and has advice for someone in talks with them right now?


    I friend of mine with over 20 years in the business was freelancing with Jamie Baker Management because people she trusted were working for him. She never signed a contract though. I guess the people she knew at the office did all the work to get her seen and booked, she never actually interacted with Jamie. When her friends left and she voiced her concerns to Jamie, he proceeded to tout his resume, tell her "he didn't need to explain himself to a 'child actor,'" and then went behind her back to talk to an agent about her, never addressing the issues in their relationship or her actual concerns. I was listening in on their conversation and he was so defensive, offensive and immature. If thats the way he behaves with a client, I can't imagine how he communicates with other industry people

    EndGame 07/26/2018  10:44am

    I just started with Jaime. He came highly recommended from a friend, a film director. When I met with him he got two calls from casting, one frustrated that his actor didn't show. In front of me he handled it perfectly. In my meeting, he was great. And literally the day after I met him he had me in for a commercial. So far, I like him. I also have an agent and Jaime said, "you aren't really at a point where paying double commission makes sense, so I am gonna stay away from theatre." I really liked that he had that awareness and it wasn't about dollar signs. He acknowledges that musical theatre isn't really his focus, although he has a new assistant who is more geared that way. But, otherwise I am liking him. But, we are still new. He starts you off freelance, so you really have nothing to lose.

    DorothyMichaels 07/26/2018  11:58am