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  • NAB: Agents/self submission 06/15/2018  12:55pm

    So? If I have an agent should I not be self submitting anymore?


    Don't! You should have your agent submit. If they are real and good they won't like it!

    ChrisW 06/15/2018  1:11pm

    I totally disagree. Continue to submit and go to EPAs/ECCS for projects you are right for. It’s a team effort and the more you get your face/name out there, the more traction you will build.

    thecherrylady 06/15/2018  2:19pm

    Chris is dead wrong. You should always submit. Your agent does 10% if the work but until you’re a bway Star you can’t stop pounding the pavement yourself

    I’m not saying email a casting director every day but submit hardcopies on the right projects , go to epas, submit on actors access etc

    dopplegang 06/15/2018  3:29pm

    I am with Paradigm. They would cut off my head and beat me with it.

    TillyWilly 06/15/2018  4:12pm

    ^I’m also with an agent who would drop me and also drop kick me if I self submitted. It has its pros and cons, but that’s a different discussion. Just reach out to your agent and ask if they would prefer you don’t self submit or if they don’t mind!

    dinkleberg 06/15/2018  4:54pm continue to go to EPAs, ECCs, and open calls!

    dinkleberg 06/15/2018  4:55pm

    I would only stop self-submitting if I were constantly overwhelmed with agent appointments. Has yet to happen.

    ThatOneGuy 06/15/2018  6:56pm

    Talk to your agent. Unless you are super connected prior to signing, your agent is going to get you in the room quicker than your standing in line. If you have the kind of agent that sends you 1 time a month, then s/he isn't doing their job and you have to submit. But you should talk to them first.

    whattheheck 06/16/2018  11:19am

    whattheheck is dead wrong. Not doing their job, what are you talking about. No agent can get you every single audition. You have to network YOURSELF too and going to EPAs, sending out mailings, and yes self-submitting sometimes, etc. is part of marketing yourself. If you are just starting out in this business and didn't come from a fancy school, you can't realistically expect your agent to do 100% of the work. There are thousands of actors in this city. If you're not doing it, someone else is.

    dopplegang 06/16/2018  12:06pm

    Please, dopp. In NYC, it is considered "desperate" by casting directors to send postcards. It's ok to do it in Cali. Also, again, if you are non union, get your agent appointments with casting. You are networking when your agent sends you from cd to cd. Unless, you of course are related to, dating, etc. someone noteworthy.

    whattheheck 06/16/2018  6:36pm

    Y'all are acting like there is a standard set of rules. The only rule in the biz is that there are no rules.
    OP, just discuss it with your agent. This is a very case-by-case thing. My guess is that your agent will give you guidelines about what you can and can't self-submit for.

    bwaylvsong 06/16/2018  7:13pm

    ^^ yes this.

    Rain On my Parade 06/16/2018  10:46pm

    Well, I have an agent. When I started with them they sent me out a lot lot. So they told me no self submits. It has died down and they don't seem to care if I send out on my own. That is why I am have a few new meetings (maybe) If they have slowed down on sending you out. You have to do something. After all it is your career

    A girl who can might say no 06/17/2018  8:12am

    whattheheck-it is considered desperate to send postcards? Says who? I have an agent and a manager and I still hustle every single day for myself. About half the appointments I get are from my own work/connections. I send postcards and just this past week, I went into an EPA and the CD who I never met, but only sent a couple postcards to, said, "your face has appeared on my desk. so nice to see you in person."

    cm12 06/17/2018  11:37am

    and bwaylvsong, YES, there are NO rules. The people who try to follow them are usually not at the top. My friends who have "made" it have broken all the rules.

    cm12 06/17/2018  11:39am

    One is ALWAYS auditioning and networking every minute of one's waking life. You NEVER know to whom you are speaking or how they connect to someone in the Industry. I got my card by idly chatting to a pleasant old fellow in a cafe forty years ago who turned out to be an actor, and who very shortly thereafter arranged an audition for me and that turned out to be my way into Equity. THERE ARE NO HARD AND FAST RULES. You never know what will work and what won't. Even if you're not, as far as you yourself are concerned, consciously working at getting an audition for something, you actually might be networking nonetheless.

    Ron Gielgud 06/17/2018  11:04pm