• Remember when 06/15/2018  3:51pm

    audition update got shut down for a week, and it was the biggest scandal to sweep the non equity nation? What a time to be alive.


    Those where the good old days......
    Also when 2 bitches got into a fight outside Nola (Finger Lakes Open call 2017)

    Mimimarquez 06/15/2018  3:52pm

    It was a weekend, not a whole week, but yes...it truly was, which is entertainingly hilarious and sad at the same time. We didn't realize how much we're on it until we didn't have it.

    Showbizdreamer 06/15/2018  4:40pm

    Was that when everyone was posting names...

    whattheheck 06/15/2018  4:56pm

    Yes. Nowadays we can’t even post names or anything. Trump Era realness up in here.

    CalltheBitchOut 06/15/2018  5:21pm

    Yeah. Whatever happened to the article that was going to shake the industry?!

    justtryintob00k 06/15/2018  7:09pm

    It’s because no one cares when the #MeToo victims are gay chorus boys. Because... Grindr?

    Mr. Noodles 06/15/2018  8:05pm