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  • Singing in an audition question 06/18/2018  10:36pm

    I've never sung "from my book" in an audition before. I'm not an especially musical actor, but I have an appointment tomorrow where they've asked me to do just that.

    They asked me to sing 32 bars, but the song I have is... 60 bars. I realize this is basically double, but this is not my forte. Is there more wiggle room for this in appointments?

    And how would I annotate it if I did try to cut some?


    Use sticky notes or clear marking on the paper to dignify where you are starting and ending.

    I’ll assume you know what a bar is since you describe your piece as having 60. Pick the 32 bar phrase that best shows your voice. More often then not it’s the final 32. Depending on the genre this is verse and chorus.

    It also doesn’t have to be exactly 32. They’re really looking for about a minute to a minute 15 seconds of you.

    When you go in you’ll give the music to the pianist (in a binder please), tell them what the song is, where you’re starting and ending, give tempo (sing the first two bars or so. Tap your leg if you wish, never snap as some people get offended)
    I would opt for asking just a starting note and going from there. Some songs like an intro better but it’s really only effective if you’ve worked the song with a coach and/or really know what you’re doing musically.

    BariToxic 06/18/2018  11:11pm

    Thank you so much for your help, BariT!

    notaproblem 06/18/2018  11:29pm