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  • NAB - Male Vocal Range on Resume 07/10/2018  11:02am

    Something I've been thinking about for a while and would love to poll other guys for how they put this. Do you include your falsetto (avoid a terminology war though haha) range? Mine is strong and I do/can use it often, and I can sing much higher than I have listed on my resume (usefully and healthily) because I never was sure how to add it.

    My range listed is tops at Bb4, but I can sing up to an F5 comfortably. Do you list it and if-so, how?

    Thanks :)


    I list my voice type as "baritone with tenor belt" and have "strong falsetto" under special skills. I don't believe in listing notes because the number system is confusing and the extremities might not be there if I'm not warmed up and/or are under the weather.

    bwaylvsong 07/10/2018  12:41pm