• NAB - US Open Catering 07/11/2018  2:02pm

    For those that have worked this before, any guidance? Both the companies I work for are doing it.


    It REALLY depends on where you get placed (i.e. Concessions vs the Goose Lounge etc) and who you are with (RA?. You can make a shit-ton of money, but you also basically have no life for that month or so. I've known people who have literally all rented out an apartment for that period of time in Flushing because the hours and commute are so long. BUUUT they made bank....

    Rain On my Parade 07/11/2018  2:10pm

    ^^^Yep. I only have done it once, and it was absolutely having no life for two weeks. I think some positions last longer, but the vast majority last as long as the Open itself, which is two weeks. I did the Presidential Suite with Amerivents and tried to stay on after because I needed more work in general, but Amerivents is a ship without a captain. Some only work for Amerivents JUST for the open, which they were aware of and supposedly fine with, but I didn't find it worth it stay on with them at all.
    But yeah it really does depend on where you're placed and what you're doing and if you do live farther away from it, aka Washington Heights (which my roomie did do), it's a pain to comment. It's almost only worth it if you live in Queens or certain spots in Brooklyn. But the subletting out your space while you sublet close is certainly an option...I woundn't likely do it, but you do you.

    Showbizdreamer 07/11/2018  6:55pm