• Casting Networks 07/11/2018  4:29pm

    Anyone on here have any luck booking union jobs on Casting Networks? Wondering if I should purchase premium services for $100 a year to submit to jobs posted there.


    CN is usually best for BG work. And union BG work is aleady damn near impossible to get unless you have an in with casting.

    RedandGold 07/12/2018  4:17pm

    I'm non-union and I get a lot of background work from casting networks. I recommend having TONS of pictures in different looks. Business attire, punk attire, formal, homeless, regular pedestrian, etc. as MANY looks as you can possibly have. That's the only way to book with them. If you're wanting principal roles it's a little different. I've gotten a couple of things but it requires more media files and a reel if you have one. So if you're consistent, one background job per month will pay for the subscription. (Like 15 bucks a month) and as union you make great money doing background acting. But you have to be consistent!! (Meaning SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!)

    But I'm Not an Actor Though 07/13/2018  12:07pm

    Premium Services are GREAT for CN in NY/USA.

    The LACasting spin off does not offer this.
    In fact, it's $15 each additional photo.
    I inquired about why they don't have unlimited photo uploads like CN NY/USA and they had no valid response.

    Shall We Dance 07/13/2018  1:31pm