• Not really a bitch, more out of curiosity... 07/11/2018  5:02pm

    Before I get chided etc., I am working on credits project etc, but I continue to wonder: why do almost all directing MFA’s require almost extensive professional experience to qualify? Again, I am working on getting projects off the ground, etc (ususally at personal cost), and do reach out to assist, but i still wonder why MFA’s require so much experience as 1: don’t you in school to learn? And 2: if you’re making progress professionally why would you want to stop and go to school? I suppose you can compare professional experience to an audition, but I feel like it’s not quite the same thing. I can also think of a number of actors who make directing debuts without any previous experience. Again, I’ll shut up and get to work, but I’m still curious.


    Bcuz theatre isn’t relevant

    VeganLove4U 07/11/2018  6:49pm