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  • Really though? 07/11/2018  6:06pm

    Pearl bailey is not even listed. Playbill is racist AF.


    THIS IS RACIST BULLSHIT. Will be emailing...

    cclpiglet 07/13/2018  5:12pm

    happy to see they apologized for this. but like, how does that even happen? is there not a SINGLE person in their office that is POC???

    MuchosMocos 07/14/2018  8:03pm

    I don’t think it is racism, although it’s extremely ignorant. What I think it is is simply most of the people in that office have no idea who she is. Insane? Yes! Considering what a long an amazing career she had. But, if you really reflect on the Bitching Post in general you will see trends. You will see certain kind of put downs being ok and others not. Ageism is clearly ok. Take a look. In some threads people are told “ this is a new world,so get out of the way”. It is a kind of excluding bullying. They think they are open but in truth they are as rigid an uptight as those they are against. So I am so happy someone saw this and brought it to their attention. The Ambassador of love Miss Bailey should be known. We should honor past people who figured out how to have careers in this crazy world, and lean from them!

    Too too much 07/14/2018  9:18pm