• What are you supposed to do!! 07/12/2018  1:32pm

    Sometimes it seems we wait on a certain job to come through. Yes there are others, but you know you would be perfect for this! You’ve been called back, response was great...and then crickets! Like why??! Then you get an email
    With an offer for something else, you really want the other one, but it’s taking too long and your being pressured to make a decision! Both shows start rehearsals around the same time. I’m going to give myself grey hair for real!!!!!


    IF you made it to final callbacks for that other project and feel you might be pinned, I would just reach out to preferred company and say "Hey, I got a conflicting offer with a fast deadline, I was wondering what my status with xyz project was?".

    Maybe you'll get a fast offer, maybe they'll say they cant commit and at that point you can just accept the other job.

    BariToxic 07/14/2018  9:47pm