• NAB: WORKING OUT OF TOWN 07/17/2018  7:17pm

    Hi, fellow art lovers and makers!

    This is a question for those who have worked out-of-town theatre gigs.

    I will be living out of state, away from home, for the first time, for a few months. All of my gigs thus far have been local so it's just so happened that I've never had to live out of state. Not worried about the quality of the housing for this gig as it's an equity contract in a very reputable theatre...

    I'm looking basically for general advice on being away from the comforts of home, how to prepare, the most important things to bring, tips on living in a shared space with new people, daily routine advice, dealing with homesickness, etc.--whatever tips/guidance you guys have, I would totally appreciate it. :)



    Been there, and heres a few things that helped me out when ever I have to take an out of town gig.

    Bring some items (photos, books, old journals and other stuff that gives you those good nostalgia vibes) that you can look at and be reminded of some good times you've had over the years. ligit for me its just 3 or so things I add to the normal clothes you'll end up packing. Surprisingly, just a few things make the difference between a random tiny room and a mini home away from home.

    Also shower shoes. Definitely being shower shoes.

    Above all just don't eat other peoples food and you'll be fine

    BariTenor: A Link Between Voice Parts 07/17/2018  7:46pm

    Something I did last time I was away that was helpful—*before* doing the first big grocery/household items trip, i made a *list* of the basics I usually like to keep around/food items that could go together well to start off & then could add from there. It can feel overwhelming trying to start from scratch etc, but planning ahead with a list of the basics like that might help!

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 07/17/2018  8:50pm

    Someone here once recommended a book called "Theatrical Baggage" that's all about tips for packing and living while on a tour or out-of-town contract. Might be helpful!

    actorsmom 07/18/2018  7:30am

    If there’s something you know you can’t do without - a specific coffee maker, kettle, personal blender - get a mini or travel sized one. I’ve found it’s better not to assume housing will have something like that; a friend got to her apartment only to discover there was no oven. Other than that, I’ll bring my own pillow, small candle, wall calendar (which doubles as artwork), and a little catch-all jewelry dish. little things like that can make all the difference. Also, I’ve started packing far fewer clothes than I think I’ll need.

    kitt 07/18/2018  10:44am

    Thank you for the tips people! :)

    Leese56 07/22/2018  11:44am