• Legit Agents 07/18/2018  12:24pm

    Hi all, its been a sucky year for many, including myself. I played the game, got up early, waited in line, and then got typed out at a good majority of auditions (which is itself a whole other thread...but lets just say for shows that call for diversity, most of us "diverse" actors were getting typed out...)

    I don't want to have another audition season like this, so I'm doing what I can to better myself, but I think I need to focus my efforts on trying to get an agent. What has actually worked for people? My problem is that I am broke and can't pay for agent nights, but am unable to get referrals. DO I just make some nice postcards stating my recent projects, do my research,a and send some snail mail? Do I email with reels? DO I camp out in their office and perform a one woman show?

    Whats a specific character type girl to do?


    If you’re a member of AEA, I do know several people that have success getting signed from the agent access auditions held at the equity building.

    Hellooooooooo 07/18/2018  1:20pm

    When you say, diverse actors get typed out, does that mean that they went with non-diverse actors? If not, then, actors get typed out all the time, it's nothing personal.

    whattheheck 07/20/2018  5:20pm

    I wish you luck and the best advice I can give is referrals: You get friends who believe in you to refer you to their rep, their rep sets up a meeting if they need your type, they meet with you to check you and your materials out, they audition you and/or see you in a show to actually see you work, then they work with you.
    But I must say to you if you don't have massive credits and/or a rare type, having an agent is still going to mean consistent cattle calls. No Casting Personnel in the business that's has any say gets there without already knowing a ton of people. Why are they calling YOU in? They get a hundred agent submissions for each part. If you aren't known to them, a lot of early morning Open Calls are still in your future.
    Again, good luck. In my experience, the agents that typically sign those they find in Pay to Plays aren't worth having. Someone needs to see you actually work, more than one paid audition, to work with you.

    Juror #8 07/21/2018  3:46pm


    so what I mean is when I audition for show that are known for age, body, and ethnic diversity the only people getting typed in are early 20's, size zero white girls.

    Now I understand typing out is part of this business, and I would much rather be typed out then waste my time sitting at an audition that I am not even being considered for.

    But its quite frustrating when an original cast is diverse and the casting call is seeking diverse actors to only see the same type of girl getting typed in.

    Again, I don't know the casting process, they may already have appointments for POC actors and older actors, which is why its a frustration and on the bitching post. All I can do is try to better myself as an actor and figure out how to maybe make it different for next year

    Aibryan 07/24/2018  11:53am