• Agent app 07/18/2018  2:00pm

    So I’m thrilled I got an agent appointment after they heard me sing but found out they don’t wanna rep me. I thought if u get an appointment it’s like a sure thing, I’m confused cause I have an industry referral, know casting etc. anyway I have one more meeting with one- sonjust cause one gets an interview it’s most likely they don’t wanna sign with you? Has anyone else with this experience from growing studio showcase get a few interviews but no signing?


    A meeting is just a meeting. Do you go on every date expecting that to turn into a proposal? My advice is, "congratulations on the meeting" and "stay more present and grounded" versus results-oriented. This is a process.

    FinallyGettingThis 07/18/2018  2:24pm

    Totally get that just wondering about anyone’s specific experience with interview from growing studio showcase

    wontsingbeforenoon 07/19/2018  10:53am

    I think that's standard with any showcase. From my conservatory showcase, everyone met with a ton of people, but not everything materializes into an offer. The dating analogy is great.

    notaproblem 07/19/2018  10:59am

    That so interesting to me cause every agent I met with from email submissions wanted to sign me in past - but I got the feeling showcases r diff I wonder why?

    wontsingbeforenoon 07/19/2018  11:11am

    I did growing studio showcase. Three agents said they were interested. One never scheduled the appointment and GS wouldn’t even help me reach out to them. Had meetings with two others. One passed and I freelanced with the other for about a year and a half before I dropped them because they did nothing for me. Had more appointments with my current agent in the first 3 months with them then I did in all of my time with first agent. That being said, I think the dating analogy is perfect. The showcase is Tinder, they swipe left or right and some ghost, some you have first date with, some become friends with benefits, some become lasting significant relationships. It all depends on you, the agent, their roster and a host of other variables you can’t control.

    sngrgirl1 07/19/2018  12:11pm

    I think this is a case of you having been extraordinarily fortunate in the past- the date analogy is correct. Many don't materialize into anything at all, whether it's through a showcase, open call for the agency, or otherwise. Here's hoping you continue to book every agent who contacts you!

    madelinepurr 07/19/2018  1:35pm

    My daughter had a similar experience (I posted about it a few weeks ago). She just graduated from a performing arts high school that did a showcase, was contacted by a manager, went into the appointment excited because she thought it meant she would be signed, sang and did assigned sides, and was told "Thanks, we'll call you if we need anything else" and that wasthe e d of it. It's reassuring to hear that that's common and normal (although obviously disappointing!)

    actorsmom 07/19/2018  2:40pm

    If they don’t make appts with Actors they don’t get asked back. That’s one of the things that makes GS superior.
    But it still is what it is, a pay to play, a paid audition aka a way for rich kids to get ahead. Like unpaid internships.
    Don’t take it too hard. These are incredibly lucrative for them and they don’t want the money to stop. So they make appts with people they have no intention of signing. Ask around. It’s super common.

    Water With Lemon 07/19/2018  4:56pm

    ^thats what I was thinking.

    wontsingbeforenoon 07/19/2018  6:07pm

    I did the tgs showcase- 4 meetings & nothing then I kept the agent I liked most updated on what I was doing & 6 months later after I booked & updated my pics & online content she met with me again & signed me. Almost everyone I know who does tgs doesn’t sign right away. Only one person from my class signed right out of the showcase.

    TenorTwink218 07/24/2018  10:47pm

    Wow interesting!

    wontsingbeforenoon 07/25/2018  12:37am

    I signed with CGF from GS showcase, I met with 7 agents and only two wanted to sign. 6 other people in my showcase signed. I think it’s really up to the other actors in your showcase and timing. Getting an agent is really hard, I tried for years before GS showcase. I don’t think it’s fair that you tarnish them when so many people get agents through them and they’ve created this showcase when before there was nothing else. If you got meetings you should be thrilled, this is standard even with college showcases. To be honest I didn’t spend $200,000 to go to musical theatre college, I spent $450 and got an agent and now in my dream job.

    Guru7 07/27/2018  1:16am

    Yes! It was really frustrating

    Beltbox 07/29/2018  11:59pm