• NAB - Maybe Moving to Jersey? 07/18/2018  5:19pm

    I've been thinking about moving to New Jersey lately. Getting a little older and the idea of a little more space for a little less rent really appeals to me.

    Has anyone else done that? Any recommendations on where to even start looking for places? I'm union, so I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn most of the time to get seen, but I still want to have a pretty easy commute into the city. I've been spoiled living right off the A train in Washington Heights.

    Anyone have any experiences they'd like to share?

    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    I moved from lower Harlem to the heights section of Jersey City about 7 or 8 years ago and I would never go back. I am living alone in twice the space for half the money than I was living with a roommate. There’s about a one hour window in the morning and again in the evening when travel is rough. But, knowing how to avoid those times, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to midtown. I absolutely love it.

    iwontdance 07/18/2018  10:54pm

    really depends where u r looking in jersey. it costs me more to live in nj than it ever did to live in NYC when all is accounted for. i need a car where i am so any savings in rent goes right to my car. if you are looking along the path u can make do with no car. but once you get even 10 miles out in jersey any direction you definitely need a car.

    galliegirl 07/18/2018  11:07pm

    Think about Jackson Heights or Sunnyside/Woodside as well.

    Taxes from working in NY and living in NJ can be a pain.

    Space there is luxurious and I have a 30 min or less door to door to midtown.

    ActorAccountant 07/19/2018  11:52am

    A couple people I know sublet off the Secaucus stop on NJ Transit. It's super close to the city and the places are beautiful. Not "cheap" of course, but "cheaper."

    Snarky 07/20/2018  12:09am

    I live in Jersey City, near Journal Square. I have a great place, with a backyard, for less than what I paid for a much smaller place in Brooklyn. My commute to Manhattan does not take long (and the monthly PATH card is about 30 bucks less than a monthly MTA). There definitely are great places in other boroughs, but I love living here in NJ!

    lili 07/20/2018  12:43pm