• GingerPear

    They approached me 2 years ago after a performance of a show that one of their other clients were in. I wasn't seeking representation at that time but wasn't with my NYC agent any longer either. I live in CT now and was transitioning but working on my own so didn't feel the need for another agent at the moment. But I ended up being open to the possibility. They gave me a month trial of reporting back to them after auditions as if I were their client even though I wasn't. It all went well so we decided to sign with each other for a one year contract. After only 6 months of off season auditions, they dropped me because my callback rate wasn't what they expected. I am called in for appointments, get callbacks and usually book approximately 60+% of the time. I think that is a pretty good rate in this tricky, crazy business. But not good enough for them and I asked them to wait for us to round into audition season together and then see what happens but they wanted immediate gratification even though they said they would be patient and asked me to be also. It was all very disheartening and for 5 minutes , I thought they were different from other agents and actually give a rat's ass about you as an artist. They didn't.... sad... now, I'm booking all kinds of things, having to turn down work cuz I'm not available for dates, getting lots of appointments and callbacks and having the time of my life... they should have waited... now, I get to keep all of the $$ I make .... long but hope it helps somewhat... keeping all of that in mind, everyone's journey is different so maybe your relationship with them will be a great fit.... good luck! ;)

    beltress101 07/19/2018  6:13pm

    I’m sorry to hear the above posters experience, but I’ve had the opposite — I am with them and love them. Great, hardworking people, and get me in the door. They push for me when warranted. They are passionate about what they do and responsive.

    thecherrylady 07/23/2018  6:04pm