• Shakespeare in the Park 07/21/2018  3:28pm

    alright ya'll how early do i have to sit outside to get tix for Twelfth Night in the Park? Been a while since i've done it and not trying to get there at 5am if I don't have to. Anyone have insight?


    Do the Today Tix lotto. Also, there aren't any "famous" people in the show, so go during previews and you'll be fine.

    Smactor 07/21/2018  11:05pm

    Second the digital lottery. Just won it recently and was so easy.

    Sidenote- EVERYONE should see this production. It’s a great example of what ‘non-traditional casting’can look like while also giving a fresh, contemporary feel to Shakespeare...

    Rain On my Parade 07/25/2018  2:53pm