• NAB: side job VIPkid 07/21/2018  7:14pm

    I just want to let all the naysayers (because I was one) that VIPkid is legit. I got the job and started this last week. It is legit. After my first week I started to get multiple (MORE) bookings and my annual income will start to be at a comfortable living wage with my other P/T job if the hours remain the same. Just a heads up. It is a damn good find for those like me who is over catering.


    Yep! Happy to help answer any questions anyone may have

    Email: vipkidhelper@gmail.com

    Would be a great thing to get started now so booking are steady come audition season!

    Beltbox 07/23/2018  12:35am

    what's the pay like? :)

    beltingbadass 07/24/2018  1:07pm

    depending on your experience i think they advertise $16-22 an hour. i have a TEFL (ESL teaching) certificate plus years of experience with kids so my base was a little higher than others.

    they start you at a base pay per class, and then every class that you finish teaching + if you teach a certain amount of classes per month, you get more $$ on top of that. my average was about $20/hour)

    mkat8 07/24/2018  5:00pm