• NAB Laduca men's Edward 08/08/2018  6:14pm

    Hi y'all.

    So I'm a principal in a very dance heavy show that is going to run for 7 weeks. I was told to get black character shoes. I'm thinking about investing in Laduca's Edward soft sole but am unsure.

    My concern is that the suedue bottom will be slippery on marley or wood floors and that the shoes won't last. There is a hard sole version but I'm worried I won't be able to turn in those and that I won't be able to show off my feet.

    $200 is a lot of money, does anybody own Edward Character shoes and can vouch? Do dancer-dancers like auditioning and performing in them?


    Absolutely get the soft soled ones I find that the hard sole female version hurts the ball of my feet. Also if it gets slippery you can put a touch if water down to add some traction. Coke is the best one though just put a little on a paper towel and step on it and it will keep you feel secure for a long time. Worse case scenario you can always have then rubbered for like $25 bucks. These should keep you from feeling like a baby deer on ice, cuz God knows we've all been there.

    Have a good contract!

    YouShouldTryItInHeels 08/08/2018  7:02pm

    Thank you

    dancerguy7377 08/09/2018  2:53am

    Definitely get the Edward!

    3threat 08/09/2018  11:45am