• Substitute teaching as a day job 08/09/2018  10:16am

    Have any of you been a substitute teacher in NYC public schools as your day job?

    If so, how did you get a principal to nominate you? I'm interested in becoming a sub, and have emailed several principals, but haven't heard back yet.


    I have very outdated info on this, but will post just in case it is still valid. I can't vouch for it today.

    In 1998, I worked as a sub and got a couple regular gigs by 1. already having the credentials and certifications needed and 2. walking up to the school and saying I was there to speak with a "principal or vice principal about working as a substitute in this location." I got many interviews on the spot by just walking in and asking for them, then waiting around the office until they were available.

    Snarky 08/09/2018  5:44pm

    Okay, thanks for the info! Come September, I’ll try going to schools directly.

    meeshoo 08/09/2018  7:55pm