• Who is posting on Playbill?!? 08/09/2018  3:05pm

    There was discussion lately about how bad the job postings on Playbill have been in the way that they'll say "Paid Gig" or "Unpaid" and then you open it and it's the opposite.... double postings....

    Today I saw "A Christmas CarolL EPA" and "Netwok EPA". Both are wrong, based on posts for "Network" and "A Christmas Carol".

    What happened to re-reading before hitting send? Or, is it the theaters?


    DEAR LAWD YES. The paid/non paid thing was a problem before they redid the site, and it still is...while I can't say where the root of this complete disorganization is, someone is asleep at the wheel for sure.

    Showbizdreamer 08/09/2018  4:26pm