• NAB: Best Agents for Legit Rep 08/10/2018  2:42am

    Hey all,

    Looking for recs for best agents for legit rep. Agents who can get clients into submissions for the latest theater works such as LCT stuff and upcoming Bway shows without having clients attend EPAs. More specifically, I am looking for plays/acting-oriented agents because so many agents are all about MT.


    Agents are about making money. Whether it be music theatre, plays, film, and most of all TV, which pays the most. If it makes money, they are into it. They don’t discriminate. Some may not be as good as others, or have the same relationships or access to fancier projects.

    Zisazisa 08/10/2018  7:13pm

    Some agents are better than others, with more clout, you get the best one you can and then work harder than they do to get yourself seen, don't dismiss EPAs you can book from them.

    LaVidaLoca 08/11/2018  9:09pm