• AGR Green Room 08/10/2018  8:25am

    Is this place even worth it? What the hell is elevate. The FB group seems like a hot mess.


    No. There have been multiple threads about this, that all end up getting removed. But the TL;DR of it is, this place is a major scam and should be avoided at all cost. It's a borderline pyramid scheme at best.

    nyuactorkid 08/10/2018  10:21am

    I disagree about AGR being a flat-out pyramid scheme and a scam. I have only attended the free/low-cost events that AGR has to offer (Open houses / C.R.E.A.T.E. classes) and I have found the information about the business (and positive psychology) that they are providing to be super useful. I'm not on social media, so I can't speak to the Facebook group, but I will say that at the events I've attended, I find AGR to be a warm community of artists.

    Elevate is an online platform that has various actor-business classes taught by Jen Rudolph (the founder and a CD) and Jordan Ancell. There's also a nerves course and meditations on bettering your instrument. Being enrolled in Elevate also gives you a discount on the CD classes/workshops that are offered.

    Frankly, I am not a fan of the pay-to-play aspect of our industry; there's a lot of aspects of AGR that feed into that that I don't agree with. At the same time, I've gotten a lot out of the workshops I've attended and from what I've watched on Elevate. It doesn't hurt to try it yourself and see if you like it.

    breezysneezy 08/10/2018  12:10pm

    Why would I need a "meditation" type class?

    TommyWisaeu 08/10/2018  12:13pm

    Like... how does that help me book jobs? How is going to help me in an acting class? Please sell me on this idea.

    TommyWisaeu 08/10/2018  12:17pm

    Why, nobody here works for them? Do some research and sell yourself on the idea, or don't. Why is it our job?

    Springfield 08/10/2018  12:47pm