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  • NAB: Avoiding Negativity 08/10/2018  3:21pm

    Hey AU world, just barreled through a month of the “audition/callback for the creatives/thinking I had booked/ and not getting it” blues for multiple shows. Trying hard not to fall down the self-pitying hole in frustration and was wondering what you do to rid your heart of negativity in this business. Any and al suggestions are welcome!


    *and all...stupid fat thumbs 😂

    NameonEveryonesLips 08/10/2018  3:23pm

    Things that might help:
    -remembering that just getting a callback is awesome!
    -knowing that you have made a good impression which will serve you in the future
    -holding onto the idea that everything happens for a reason;perhaps something even better will come out of this tough experience!!
    -remembering that this business is crazy and brutal but that you have value and that you are loved and talented and awesome,no matter how worthless the audition process might make you feel.
    Sending you love and light. I hope this helps a bit :)

    peaceandlove 08/10/2018  4:03pm

    I always remind myself that it’s a numbers game. For me, on average it’s ten auditions for one callback, ten callbacks for one job. If I can go back and honestly say that I haven’t reached one hundred auditions since my last gig, then I tell myself I still have to go to more auditions before it’s time for the next.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 08/10/2018  11:49pm

    Best piece of advice I've ever received. Don't try to win the callback. Try to win the room.

    Hope you get more positive results from your hustle soon.

    somethingtoconfessa 08/12/2018  11:26am

    Someone posted this a while ago, and it has stuck in my head since.

    Whenever they went to an audition they felt they bombed, a callback they knew they didn't book, or simply didn't get seen at the open call- they went out and bought a plant! Just a little one, like a baby succulent. And filled their windowsill with them, so that they could see a visualization of their failures as growth.

    I may be remembering it a little wrong, but I thought it was such a lovely idea.

    madelinepurr 08/13/2018  2:25pm

    @madelinepurr, yes, I remember seeing that, too! I think they might have posted that on one of my old posts, actually... similar topic. :) And @peaceandlove, I just want to steal that beautiful thing you posted and paint it on my ceiling, lol. OP, we've all had those rough stretches, and I hope you are feeling some good vibes and support from the rest of us. <3

    Rose4386 08/14/2018  10:44pm

    Hello All!

    OP here, and I just have to say thank you for all of the wonderful advice and positive energy you sent my way. It seems to have worked, because I am booked! :) Side note- can anyone tell me what Autumn in the south is like? This northern girl has no idea how to pack haha

    NameonEveryonesLips 08/19/2018  12:35pm

    Perhaps! Which part of the "South?" It varies as widely as the "North" being New Jersey / Pennsylvania to Maine... but I'll help if I can!

    usernamesmakemeanxious 08/19/2018  1:36pm

    Louisiana —> Georgia. Traveling production so it will hit those bottom four states. Any help is so welcome!!

    NameonEveryonesLips 08/20/2018  10:24am

    Congrats!!! Louisiana boy here - fall in the south is lovely, but the temperature can definitely range from the 30s to the 90s hahaha. Tends to be all over the place, so pack those layers!

    WillDanceForMoney 08/20/2018  2:29pm

    Yeah, I didn't grow up quite that far south. Louisiana here^ seems to be your best bet. In NC it is warm during most days and quite cool in the evenings, but I would bet a little further south it swings even more drastically. (of course... I also think mid-upper 60s is warm. so there's that.) Here's some Georgia info. I bet Google/Wiki could reveal similar info on every state you are visiting.

    usernamesmakemeanxious 08/20/2018  2:44pm

    Oh, yes, layers for the south in fall! Especially in Georgia, closer to the sea, it can get quite chilly at night, but humid and miserable in the day. Always have a sweatshirt on hand, because they will PUMP the AC indoors, and you will freeze your butt off even when it's 95 outside!

    madelinepurr 08/20/2018  3:19pm

    Listen to the podcast Unf*ck Your Brain, the one on How to Change Your Thoughts

    Jenga 08/20/2018  8:22pm

    Congrats!!! Louisiana boy here - fall in the south is lovely, but the temperature can definitely range from the 30s to the 90s hahaha. Tends to be all over the place, so pack those layers!

    WillDanceForMoney 09/01/2018  3:11am

    Remember that it’s an achievement just to get into the room and be seen, it’s an even bigger deal to be seen again, and that it’s out of your hands at a certain point. Also, having something else that you’re interested in or care about to help take your mind of the frustrating situation. You’re a star and just keep swimming!

    WestleyDevereaux 09/01/2018  2:29pm

    It's very frustrating business and always has been.Sir Charles Laughton (1899-1962) was quoted as saying, 'An actor's vocation is looking for work. His vacation is performing'. So heartfelt congratulations on a long-deserved holiday.

    As for the general sense of it all, I've gradually (over my several thousand years existence and IMHO) found the actors' artistic dilemma is the need to combine the ephemerality of a butterfly to create a performance with a rhinoceros hide carapace to cope with the realities of finding the opportunity to do so in the first place.

    Yeah, that came across as pompous but advice tends to be relating one's own experiences.

    Hals und Beinbruch with this show and all the many to come.

    Ron Gielgud 09/02/2018  12:49am