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  • Anything to know about Paul Fouquet? 08/11/2018  11:15pm

    Anyone have any insight about auditioning for him? What he likes/hates/whether he says anything at all when you enter the room?

    ospiteohell afraid. Be very afraid.

    Kidding (sort of) but in my experiences, every time I audition for him, he makes me feel like I’m imposing on his time (even though I have only auditioned for him via appointments he presumably gave me), and will often give a ludicrously log amount of material to learn, and only have you do 1/4 of it at best.

    Again, these were my personal experiences with him, but, while I’m ranting, I will say he is hands down my LEAST favorite casting director I have ever auditioned for.

    ToFormAMorePerfectUnion 08/12/2018  8:55am

    He can be terrifying in the room, but he's a pretty great person irl, so mixed bag, but don't eff up or he'll never call you in again.

    LaVidaLoca 08/12/2018  10:30am

    Yeah. He’s a douche.

    OneMoreBoy 08/12/2018  11:22am

    I like Paul. I've found that he says what he thinks and it may be less filtered -- but he isn't being mean, that's just his communication style.
    Once one knows that, I think it helps. I honestly think he wants people to do their best and present themselves at their best. E.g., I know someone he made a comment to about physical presentation (what he deemed as being messy) in a very direct way and still called them back with the expectation that they'd address it.
    Hope that helps and perhaps that explains some of the other comments... and as someone said, he's very nice away from the table as well.
    Also, I wouldn't try to read anything from his/any CD's demeanor behind the table. They ultimately all want us to be the answer to their casting needs.

    soleil. 08/14/2018  12:20am

    *oh, to clarify -- I mean if he says something you found off-putting (not saying that he always says something)

    soleil. 08/14/2018  12:27am

    I've auditioned for him many times, and have always found him to be kind, complimentary, and affable. He tends to have a stern resting face, so some may mistake that for meanness or not being interested in what you're doing. But he is a very nice man.

    And I wouldn't really worry so much about his likes / dislikes. Go in and do what you've prepared to the best of your ability. That's all you can ever do, and all that's in your power to control.

    actormcgee 08/14/2018  11:07am

    when you hear about the casting director who won't look up from their phone: this is who they are talking about. period.
    rude dude who ignores actors.

    carrieunderwire 08/17/2018  2:09pm

    he also interrupted me when I was telling him (with three words) what I was singing. It was bizarre.

    carrieunderwire 08/17/2018  2:10pm

    He’s actually really nice. Just not overly enthusiastic. But when he’s having a good time in the room, he’ll let you know.

    itsalmostseven 08/17/2018  3:06pm