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  • NAB - Coping with bad/lazy directors? 08/12/2018  1:11pm

    Hello actors-at-large,
    I'm struggling on a summerstock contract where I'm working a fantastic play with tons of room for creative, playful, innovative blocking... and a director who stopped caring about this theatre about five years ago. They come into rehearsal with no preparation, no ideas, and no interest in solving problems proactively. I find myself so frustrated and trying so hard to keep myself from suggesting ideas or trying to collaborate with the other actors, because I know that the professional thing to do is to just stick to my own track and do my own damned job to the best of my ability... Even when jokes are being rewritten into dumber/tasteless versions, when illegal cuts are being made to the script because the director "doesn't get the gag" that the rest of the room does, and when we are all being directed to act in a highly presentational/juvenile style that no one else in the ensemble agrees with or likes to do. Everyone's bitched about it privately, but I really struggle with keeping my ideas to myself in the room while we work. Anyone have advice for personally/privately coping with this kind of situation?


    Do you have an Equity Deputy? If not, can you approach your director about new ideas as a group in a diplomatic way? Cuz bitching privately does nobody any favors...

    If there is not way to change the situation, then you’ll probably just have to tough it out. Play intention games in your mind while in a scene. Play literal games (like pass a penny) with your cast on stage. If nothing else, it’s almost over...

    Rain On my Parade 08/12/2018  3:20pm