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  • Appointment on AEA Website 08/13/2018  12:06pm

    Any tips on how to get an appointment on the AEA website? They are literally gone within 30 seconds. I always get onto the page, select a time quickly and it’s already gone. Try for a few more times and then all of the slots are gone. Do I have to go on multiple devices? Or my computer instead of phone? Any tips at all would be helpful. Thanks!


    It's a shit show. Be glad you got in without an error message.

    You cannot be on 2 devices or will be kicked out. There is no secret the system is just not built to work for us in any way.

    ontherise 08/13/2018  7:24pm

    I was at the Alabama Shakes EPA this morning. (I'm an AGMA Scourge, to riding the Dawn Patrol is what I do.) I spoke to 3 or 4 Equity members while i was there. None of them had been able to secure an appointment online. One had actually gotten in queue, with 17 people ahead of him. By the time he got through, no appointments were left. Both of us were mystified as to how that could have occurred.

    SusanCD 08/13/2018  8:32pm

    Agreed. Refreshed the page today at exactly 12noon, only two slots were left, and then when I clicked on one, they said that appt was gone too. They should only do 50% audition slots online and let the remaining 50% be manual signups. That would be more fair and equitable (it is "Equity" afterall). So frustrating that everything has to feel like a Hamilton lottery experience. It doesn't serve anyone in our community to make audition signups so chancy and cheap -- it's not helpful to the actors, casting directors, or the creative team.

    heyyoungworld 08/14/2018  1:32pm