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  • NAB: NYGASP 08/13/2018  5:59pm

    New to the city! Have an audition for NYGASP in a couple weeks. Anyone know what their reputation is like/how they are to work and audition for?


    Close-knit crew. I have a number of friends who have worked there. A great way to get your equity card! No horrors stories that I know of, just the usual quirkiness/fastidiousness that comes with any G&S society.

    cclpiglet 08/13/2018  9:04pm


    extremelynoneq 08/14/2018  3:07pm

    Do they make you Equity automatically? Their website says that their contract with AEA allows for union and non union

    heybambassity 08/14/2018  6:55pm

    Hm, not sure. I have had friends who were offered Equity contracts (and thus became Equity) but it’s totally possible that they also have an agreement that allows them to hire non-eq talent. If/when you’re offered a contract, their initial offer (Equity or no) will be evident. If you are particularly angling to get Equity and don’t get an offer for an Equity contract (or, conversely, wish to stay non eq and are offered an Equity contract) that’s something that can be negotiated - in theory. Often these decisions are made from a practical/producing point of view so either way, don’t take it personally!

    cclpiglet 08/15/2018  12:08am

    That is very helpful - thank you! Were your friends contracted for principle roles or ensemble?

    heybambassity 08/15/2018  1:10am