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  • “_ identifying” 08/15/2018  9:33am

    @ all the cis ppl including the monitor who had a good chuckle about the breakdown at this epa listing “female identified” & “male identified” instead of just male/female - sorry it’s beyond your comprehension maybe instead of making jokes about people you don’t understand you can pull up google & figure it out.


    They really need some education. Did anyone speak up?

    BariToxic 08/15/2018  9:45am

    Yes. Someone hopefully spoke up. Someone should also call Equity - this is not only ridiculously rude, it borders on legal action Can you imagine if people - THE MONITOR? - was making fun of African Americans or Asians or Latinos/Latinas? The shit would hit the fan really quickly. And with what is going on in our country right now, it is very important to call people on this bullshit.

    hmm 08/15/2018  5:09pm

    I feel more auditions should be held for 'people who identify as dancers'. And anyone who has the temerity to think that they dance badly should be prosecuted. The entertainment industry is not and never should be for those members of the general public who merely wish to be entertained. It's a far higher calling now.

    Ron Gielgud 08/15/2018  6:26pm