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  • Ballet classes? 08/15/2018  11:26am

    Hello! I’m new to the city. I’m looking for a couple of recommendations for good ballet teachers. I tried Steps the other day, and although I loved how many pros were in class, the teachers didn’t pay very close attention to most dancers. I’m thinking of trying BDC, Ailey, or Peridance. Any good teachers that stand out? Preferably a “quicker paced” teacher. I enjoy doing everything class has to offer, so not a teacher who crams all of the jumps as the last 10 minutes in class. Thanks!


    Hi! After a lot of trial and error I have found that the best ballet teachers ( in my opinion) are at peridance and bdc- I love Dorit koppel, kate loh demarco, and Jamie salmon.

    sillyhead 08/15/2018  10:27pm

    I love Dorit Kopel, too! Also, I love Ashley Tuttle's class at Mark Morris. But I live in Brooklyn, so it's nice and close. :D

    Rose4386 08/16/2018  12:52pm