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  • Yay! 08/16/2018  11:30am

    Shoutout to all the white people playing Sharks in a production of West Side this summer!!!!!
    Y’all make me wet!
    I lov you!!!


    Especially you Marias, put it at the top of your resume!! You did it!

    Jjjb92 08/16/2018  11:32am

    Can I ask ... where?

    NewActor 08/16/2018  11:39am

    Take your pick!

    Jjjb92 08/16/2018  11:59am

    I’ve got a friend who did west side this summer and a lot of the shark girls were white ...

    chhhhhe 08/16/2018  1:57pm

    While I completely agree with your passive aggressive post, do realize some Puerto Ricans are lighter than others. Have a friend who looks white but is half Puerto Rican, and he fully has the right to play a shark.

    Though that's probably like one of 5 cases ever for this show, you never know.

    Also, get mad at casting not at the actor. As much as I'd want to turn down a role, my bank account would say otherwise.

    Baldur 08/16/2018  3:12pm

    Hey from me and all the other light-skinned people with Latin heritage out there: Mind your own petty business.

    Juror #8 08/16/2018  4:17pm

    I’m not talking about Puerto Rican’s who pass as white or are light skinned, nor am I talking about you, Juror.
    I’m talkin bout white people, caucasians, who are accepting roles as Sharks in productions of West Side. And they know who they are

    Jjjb92 08/16/2018  9:07pm

    But honestly, unless you are a well known performer who has to save face for PR/ has the money and resume to deny a role, are you seriously going to deny a role given to you?

    No. If you are in the position that you can, all the power to you. But no one posting on this website is in that position.

    And sure you can not audition for those shows, like I'll never audition for Evita as a Caucasian. But I'll definitely audition for WSS. And if they give me a shark instead of a jet, then so be it. I will think it's shitty all the way to the bank.

    Baldur 08/16/2018  10:24pm

    Oh my God this mierda again. How do you know someone's background by looking at their skin or their name?

    The same you-know-who who went berserk last year over casting of a certain show even said in her rant of a radio interview that she knows Puerto Ricans who cry when they allowed to wear their hair in its natural blonde color. So now we're telling those people that they don't pass our test because they don't look Latin enough?

    Our Latin community needs to figure out if we want to include all of us or just the ones whose identity can be recognized in those freebie audition holding room mirrors...

    08/16/2018  11:11pm

    st...still not talking about light skinned Latinx people... talking about good ol Caucasian, Anglo, white white people.

    Don’t take the role. You tellin me it makes or breaks your career or bank to not accept a role you are wrong for in a random regional production of West Side? You can make more money staying in the city temping, catering, serving, walking dogs, you name it. AND audition for roles you are right for!

    I’ll never buy that “can’t turn the job down” bullshit.

    Jjjb92 08/17/2018  12:28am

    How do you know what someone is? You're certain of ethnicity of every person in each production on that list?

    08/17/2018  12:35am

    Aw good for you. You must feel really good about yourself. So much morals, many good deeds. You are the shoulders we ne'er do wellers stand on. Please, teach us more behind your keyboard of divine justness. We all wait with bated breath for your next lesson oh great one. Your shit must smell so freaking good, i'm insanely jealous.
    *side eye intensifies*

    Baldur 08/17/2018  10:30am

    but seriously, some of us would rather make less money doing a job we love than make more money doing a shitty job we hate. So no, I'm not going to say no to a job where I get to perform in place of a higher paying soul sucking job.

    I have nothing against you choosing to turn down a role. Do so if thats what makes your inner self happy. But don't shit on other people. Have empathy for where they are, and get mad at casting.

    Baldur 08/17/2018  10:34am

    Actually, I encourage you, be proactive about it. This is a discussion we need to have , but posting here is doing literally nothing.

    Find out these theatres and who they use to cast... ( also you better do your research on each individual actor to be 100% sure they have no latinx heritage)
    And email them. Don't get pissed at them, but truly implore them to make wiser decisions in the future.

    That would be a great way to channel your disdain for the injustice in casting. Bitching does nothing though. Use your passion to make something better if that's something you care about. I think that would be a great thing to do.

    Baldur 08/17/2018  10:39am