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  • Cut the BS 09/18/2018  5:56pm

    I am currently a student here in NY at a pretty important University Drama School. The problem I am having is simply this, people are not coming to learn. Mostly they are coming to show the people what they already know. Also the teachers soooooo have their hands tied with fear of complaining whining students. I look at this forum and can see so many “actors” complaining about though teachers. Well that is what I think is needed. So many of my classmates have so little ability to cope with any type of discomfort. They run and flake the minute any kind of boundary gets pushed. OMG why did these people want to become actors. What do they think acting is. How can anything that had any depth happen. The material that I am interested in is about people and how complex their lives are. That’s what I want to bring to acting. Have others had this experience also?

    even faker name

    Omg how important is your drama school????

    Eye roll

    dopplegang 09/18/2018  7:01pm

    I'm assuming you study with Jon Fraser and Maria Porter at LIU Post.

    09/18/2018  7:02pm

    lol they said important. Jon and Maria only THINK they're important.

    eroseb 09/18/2018  7:05pm

    I have! I go to a school in NY mostly geared towards musical theater. I’d still like to have some sense of reality to my acting and not just the unicorn rainbows of the Grad school teachers who themselves seem pretty out of touch. I have seen some of their acting onYoutube and am pretty shocked. I am sure I will be leaving the school. I think the best way to solve the problem is to take private classes where teachers have not drank the University Koolaid. It seems to me that these schools seem to totally flatten the passion out of acting and want to turn it all into Glee or Rise. Some sterile flat situation where everything is appropriate.

    Hello out there 09/19/2018  6:23pm