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  • NAB — full time work/general advice 09/19/2018  6:32pm

    i’ve been feeling really torn for a while now. getting a full-time job seems nearly
    impossible since i’m actively auditioning, but i currently don’t even make enough $$ with my 3 part-time jobs to move closer to the city, since i’m also paying off loans. are there any possible full-time jobs that allow for enough flexibility to go on auditions? or is it worth it to take a year off of auditioning to work full-time and make $$ to be able to move closer to the city/be more financially stable? i want to succeed in theatre very badly, but i’m really not making enough money right now and i’ve barely booked anything substantial. i just don’t know what to do.

    i know this is a loaded post. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    I hear you. I’d love to hear some magic advice too. I have not, in over a decade living here, figured out a full time job in NYC that actually allows flexibility for auditions. My experience with full-time NYC jobs is that they usually end up being more than 40 hour work weeks—and it just takes too much out of me to seriously pursue auditions if I’m working that many hours. (Everyone works too damned hard in this city!) I have, however, pieced together a living wage from various freelance work (though it was harrowing in the early years to make it work.) If you could find a job with 12-8pm type hours, or mostly weekend hours—I think some box offices hire people for those kind of hours, though I’m not sure about the wages. And of course, if you have some kind of profitable skill—graphic design/accounting/etc you could create your own work? I know that takes incredible time and effort to be your own boss, but it may be the most profitable and flexible option in the long run.

    SuddenlySeeMore 09/19/2018  6:46pm

    When you say closer to the city, are you in NJ? The bus gets you there in 15 minutes to Port Authority. It's not perfect, but it was cheaper to live there. Not everyone can live here. I have a place in UWS but is really one street into Harlem.

    whattheheck 09/19/2018  8:48pm

    Yes it absolutely IS worth taking a year off, saving money, and going back in. A year will go by like NOTHING.

    FinallyGettingThis 09/20/2018  5:05pm

    Agreed with finally. I worked for several years at legal work and saved up before moving here from FL. I've only worked here and there on gigs, I've been here 8 months and have auditioned for a lot. Don't get me wrong, I went to a lot of EPAs and didn't get anything from them, but I saw them as a way to try and get my name out there (non union). It's worth it to have a year where you don't have to work full time and can take acting and little limited gigs. I'm trying now to get more paid work but still can hold off full time, because I'm actually enjoying my life more than I ever have. And yea the year will be worth it with the goal in mind. Temp jobs I've had here are for Tribeca, US Open food services, the election, etc if you want little jobs. Best of luck to you!!

    Rosecat 09/20/2018  10:06pm