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  • NAB: Slating Song? 09/20/2018  12:37pm

    This is a random question about slating. When you go in for an EPA or an agent appt. do you introduce your song before you begin to sing?

    Michael P Scarn


    sohoguy 09/20/2018  12:38pm

    I've had a few CDs ask me what the song is before I even get to the piano. Generally, I don't.

    Past Tense 09/20/2018  1:40pm

    nope. unless they ask. this is very "college"

    ontherise 09/20/2018  3:11pm


    belt4daze 09/20/2018  3:14pm

    no, if they want to know before you sing they will ask

    heybambassity 09/20/2018  3:36pm