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  • NAB: Suggestions to go outside Casting 10/08/2018  4:44pm

    Hi all,

    My agent has been unable to get me an appointment for I show I am right for.

    Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to get the attention of either casting or creative to try to get an appointment? I have gone to the EPA and even took a class with the casting director. Any other tips would be appreciated.


    Here's what I can tell you about my experience. Went to a pay for play, met Beth Knox, she followed me and another girl out and asked for our h/r because they aren't supposed to do that in class. Then I went to an audition with Beth and she remembered me. Then, I got called back, then called back, then I was final of 3. I didn't get the part. As far as my agent, I called her and told her I was wanted to read for a part. She called casting and I got an appointment.
    My point is, if any of these situations did not happen to you, maybe, you're not right for the part.

    whattheheck 10/08/2018  6:53pm

    To be honest, and please don't think I'm being rude, it probably just means that you aren't right for the part. You've done what you can and now you should eave it alone, you don't want to ruin a relationship with a Casting Director by annoying them

    hehenope 10/09/2018  10:29am