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  • This forum 10/09/2018  4:03pm

    I just had a very interesting thing occur I meeting with an agent. A pretty well-known agent whose name I will leave out. The subject of this forum came up. They said, “ I really hope most of my clients never deal with anything like that forum it just seems to be a place where people spread gossip and complain. It seems pretty loaded with fairly and professional actors who have nothing better to do. I don’t think acting needs much more it seems pretty loaded with fairly unprofessional actors you have nothing better to do. I don’t think acting needs much more of that”. She said that most other CDs think the same thing And that ittends to be use mostly by New York actors and not L.A era. Which is why many people think L.A ers have their careers more together than NYers. Interesting to reflect on



    Thisjustinstill 10/09/2018  4:04pm

    This forum started as a way for NY actors to communicate about auditions...that’s why it’s less used by LA actors. They’re not trying to squeeze in 3 EPAs all over town and find out where the list is and if they’re seeing non-eq... But I know this forum has a lot of people scared and has hurt a lot of people with anonymous rumors. That’s the internet for you.

    SuddenlySeeMore 10/09/2018  4:16pm