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  • How do you handle getting prescriptions while on tour? 10/10/2018  9:04am

    I’m going on my first non-union tour. How do y’all get your prescriptions? Just continue to transfer them city to city?



    If you're using insurance, check with them. A lot of them do home delivery for prescriptions, so it's possible you can get them delivered wherever you happen to be on the road. May be a bit tricky though.

    You can also talk to your doctor and explain the situation. Depending on the prescription, they may be able to give you more than normal so it'll last longer. That's what I did with my birth control.

    madelinepurr 10/10/2018  11:54am

    ^^^ Ditto to what this person said! Ask your doctor to write you more of the prescription to get you through more time. I typically just pick up in cities via the same pharmacy, like a CVS. It's annoying but it works. Definitely try to get more pills/3 packs of birth control. My GI doc writes me twice the pills so I can go longer. Good luck!

    causeimablonde 10/10/2018  12:16pm

    I fill all of mine through CVS. If I take the script to the CVS in my hometown before leaving for a tour or trip, any CVS anywhere else in the country will be able to look that up and fill it for me whenever I need it. One of my prescriptions is even through the "CVS Specialty Pharmacy", and they ship it directly to whatever CVS I'm closest to. I think most chain pharmacies work like this (Walgreens, RiteAid, etc.)

    I've also run into the issue where the doctor in my hometown wants to change the medication while I'm away. If his or her office sends it to the CVS pharmacy, same deal - they can fill it at any location throughout the country.

    UncleMame 10/10/2018  12:18pm

    Depending on your insurance, you can also do what the above posters are proposing via WalMart pharmacies. There is a WalMart in nearly every town. You refill over their app and say at which WalMart you wish to pick it up! Easy-peasy!

    misssnappytapper 10/10/2018  12:42pm