Gig&Tell: Virginia Stage Company

  • They Treat You Well    
    10/29/2013  4:46pm

    Great LORT experience.

    Beautiful historic 100 year old theater in Downtown Norfolk.

    Actor housing is fine, if not glamorous.

    Unfailingly kind staff who go above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of.

    Would go back in a heartbeat.

    Great theatre. The building itself has so much history and the company puts on very quality productions. Happy to have worked with VSC and earned my EMC card with such a great theatre.

    12/28/2013  9:18pm

    I loved working here. such a great artistic team. everyone takes such great care of the actors. the apartments aren't fancy, but they're just fine. very centrally located. adorable town, very easy to get around. awesome mall. great gym. make sure to let them know you want a gym membership when you get offer, they will only pay for gym if you ask up front. they are wonderful. brought food for tech week. they just treat you like family. i love this place.

    02/18/2014  9:30pm