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Gig&Tell: Wayside Theatre

  • Wonderful Wayside    
    05/22/2013  11:56pm

    A wonderful group to work for. The staff is helpful, and professional. The housing is eclectic, some are housed in a house across the street from the theatre, and then either hotel or 2 bed apartment in Strausburg a town about 8 miles away, and a 24 hour Anytime Fitness gym membership. They provided bedding, linens, pots and pans etc. Cable and Internet were available but had to pay. The pay was on the low end. Great production values, and I would love to work with them again in the future.

    Wayside is awesome. Pay is average, housing varies but is all above average for non-eq. They used to be Equity and still treat everyone that works there like they're union. Really wonderful, dedicated, friendly people across the board.

    05/24/2013  12:48pm

    Wayside Theater has closed.

    12/28/2013  9:30pm