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Gig&Tell: Wheelock College

  • Alright    
    04/04/2016  8:02pm

    I worked as noneq. It was alright. Waking up for school shows during the week was difficult, but it was a cool experience. Lots of equity people complaining about how the theater wasn't following equity standards, but since I was noneq it was fine. Honestly, all the bitching was probably the worst part. The executive director? artistic director? just switched so I'm curious where it'll go in the future. Did not receive housing and got paid $100 a week, but was good to have on my resume. Probably the best dancing and strongest ensemble of any Boston theater company I've experienced or seen.

  • Awful    
    02/04/2016  11:26pm

    Wheelock Family Theatre could totally be shut down by Kate Shindle herself for the amount of AEA rules that it is not following. Unproffessional to say the LEAST. Something as simple as having a separate men's and women's bathroom that isn't used by some audience members and Wheelock College employees during shows... The men's dressing room is built from wood in the corner of the scene shop, directly off stage left. The entire woman's ensemble and roles crammed into dressing stations the size for 9 people. The productions are always extremely sub par in value. The artistic and production teams audibly complain to the cast about how they don't have much money and are over budget for everything. If you see auditions for any musical with the production quality bigger than The Three Little Pigs, do yourself a favor and don't attend. Working here as an AEA actor was a nightmare, and I can't even imagine being a Non Union actor and being paid barely enough money to afford a sandwich to bring to rehearsals. Every experience I have had here has been terrible and I reccamend it to no one even interested in being a part of any production here.

    thank u

    03/28/2016  1:42am