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Gig&Tell: Zachary Scott Theatre Center

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    01/31/2016  11:49am

    I worked at Zach for the first time this past year and I've already auditioned for another show. If you're equity, go to their NYC EPA! If you're non-eq and want to work at an incredible Equity theatre, get points, AND know someone in Austin, you should definitely consider going to the local call. That's what I did and it was very worth it! Everyone treats you with Texas friendliness, professionalism, and no one has time for negativity. They cast a lot of locals, but they are very professional and talented, and I made some life long friends. And the Austin folks LOVE this theatre - the crowds are spectacular. Work here!!

    What a Fantastic theater to work at. ZACH has some of the best production values I have seen at a regional theater. They treat their actors well at this theater and Austin fully supports this theater. I had a blast working there and hope to work there in the future.

    06/30/2017  8:17pm

    Zach is the best! Super professional with fantastic housing/amenities for out of town artists. Not to mention Austin is an incredible city to visit. Nothing bad to say!

    09/01/2017  12:39am