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Gig&Tell: Adirondack Theater Festival

  • Great opportunity    
    08/07/2014  9:48am

    I had the pleasure of working here one summer ago. The Pay is just above standard minimum, but the people you work with are fantastic.

    When I looked at their previous seasons, it became clear to me that they do eighty percent new work, and one more well known musical to make money. They seem to not do shows with more than eight to ten people so don't expect to do South Pacific here. Its a real Actors theater and the talent is always a mix of more well known actors and those "rare find" actors. That is most likely because Stephanie Klapper does the casting and she is the best of the best. They just got some amazing financial sponsors for the next season. This theater is on the up, and I hope to work there again.

    Also, the town is beautiful. Just amazing. The kind of place where you can sit on a rocking chair for an hour and allow yourself to relax.