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Gig&Tell: Barnstormers Theater

  • A Wonderful Experience!    
    04/03/2012  3:25pm

    I had the opportunity of working at Barnstormers two summers in a row doing musicals (Babes in Arms and Brigadoon) and I have to say I had such a wonderful experience both times I worked there.

    It is a small theatre in a town called Tamworth in the backwoods of New Hampshire (the closest, well, anything really is about 20-30 minutes away in North Conway). The staff and crew are so kind and professional, I had a blast working there and for only having a week of rehearsals and a week of performances we put up really good shows.

    The only thing that is hard for NYC actors is that they mainly cast locally and generally keep quite a few of the same people around. However a good portion of their equity performers are from NYC, Boston etc.

    I would go back in a heartbeat!

    Positive experience in a lovely situation that is exactly what it is. That being: very quick, very focused, in a beautiful setting, with quality people, for a surprisingly decent paycheck. There are things that are not for everyone: rehearsal is in a barn, the theatre /is/ the town, and the show has to open before you can get artsy. But if you accept those things (or see them as good), you can have a fantastic time. Mine was positive, I'd go back, and in retrospect it seems like I was there much longer than 13 days.

    01/31/2014  12:57am

    Thanks. Anyone know what they pay non-Equities? (Not listed in breakdown)

    01/09/2018  1:39am

    they pay around $325/week (and EMC points) for non eq! Or at least for plays, musicals/leads might be a tiny bit more. The people are so so lovely, the town is adorable, and the shows are fun to do in a nice air-conditioned theatre. Company manager is a bit of a mess but the experience is 100% worth it. Most of the cast of my show had been working there for 5+ summers and kept coming back because of how kind the people are. Truly a lovely place to work! I suggest bringing a car- real stores are a bit far, super market is 20-30 min. away in North Conway.

    08/26/2018  6:26pm