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Gig&Tell: American Stage

  • Wonderful Place to work    
    03/31/2012  6:20pm

    I did a show here a couple of years ago. St. Pete Florida is beautiful. The people who run the theatre are very professional. It is an equity house so working there as non-equity was great. I would go back in a minute. They give EMC points.

    Completely agree. Also, as an actress of col

    06/04/2012  12:46pm

    Woops. As an actress of color, they're committed to producing August Wilson's century cycle. Good stuff.

    06/04/2012  12:50pm

    I had a wonderful time in St. Pete (you'll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful city). For an SPT contract, this really is as good as it gets. The housing situation is decent - bed, kitchen, some units have a living room area, and it's close to the vibrant downtown area. The staff is so chill and welcoming, rehearsals were a breeze, and overall, it felt like a low-pressure situation. The only reason I would rate this 4/5 stars is because of how relaxed it felt, and I was unhappy with the choreographer they chose (whom I won't name) who seemed largely unprepared and uninspired and wasted a good amount of rehearsal time throwing steps together. That aside, I really loved my time in St. Pete and would definitely consider working there again (for the right show, of course).

    08/22/2015  11:17pm

    Can anyone speak to pay rate for non-union ensemble?

    11/19/2016  4:04pm