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Gig&Tell: Bristol Valley Theatre

  • The best artistic experience of my life    
    06/27/2016  7:36pm

    Ok, here's the thing. When I accepted this gig I was skeptical. The town is VERY small. It's technically a village, and it's 25 minutes to the closet walmart.

    BUT honestly, I'm heading home as we speak and I have never had a more rewarding and just plain fun experience since I went to summer camp! Even though the town is very small there's lots to do, they have wonderful restaurants, who all support the theater because of the business it brings in, there's also plenty to do like hiking, wine tasting, and other amazing stuff. The money isn't great, my whole cast was paid the same, but it's more than enough to live on in Naples.

    It's a 10-12 day rehearsal process, so it's a hustle and you get really close with your cast. I had a cast of 9 people so basically we were with each other 24/7. But what's really nice is that most of the time you don't live together because the theater has hosts that all live within walking distance of the theater, consequently the amount of drama is nil.

    My cast was uniformly some of the most talented people I've ever met and the production quality is VERY high. Better I would say than most small equity theater.

    The artistic director and the associate artistic director, Karin and Favid and some of the sweetest and driven people I've ever worked with and I would 110% go back for a full season.

    I couldn't agree more! I did "The Foreigner" this summer and had an amazing time. The cast was so talented, the creative team is FANTASTIC, I'm even going to one of my cast mates for vocal coaching in the city.

    Submit to this theater, and if the offer you a job TAKE IT!

    09/12/2016  6:23am

    Absolutely agree!!! This was the most fun I've ever had. Zero drama, I got to do an AMAZING show, I made great friends, and I absolutely fell in love with the town. It was like a paid vacation. If you ever get an offer to come here, DO IT! BVT has a special place in my heart forever pretty much.

    08/28/2018  12:32pm
  • Highly recommended!!! 04/30/2012  1:04am

    I worked at BVT last summer in three shows and am absolutely thrilled to be returning for this season. The pay isn't great, however, the artistic experience more than compensates. Do your creative life a favor and take this job!!!

    Incredible and supportive staff, beautiful and artistic productions, and an adorable town. This theatre is a creative's dream! Take the job and enjoy working with fun, smart, and dedicated people on all sides of the production.

    03/21/2014  4:16pm