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Gig&Tell: Broadhollow Theater Company

  • just no    
    04/27/2016  6:17pm

    unorganized and not professionally run, they don't wash costumes for 2 full runs in 2 different locations for the same production, sound issues ruin the show, not fun

  • Unorganized Mediocre Community Theatre    
    01/02/2016  6:05am

    Terrible. If you're in NYC, don't waste your time traveling here from the city even for a show you really want to do. If you're local, it's still not worth it if you are trying to progress your career in any way. They are purely community theatre run by a producer who only cares that a show goes up no matter how horrible the organization of auditions, casting, rehearsal schedule/conflicts or management issues are. If you are any type of professional know that most actors do no treat this like a priority because most of them are non-professional/have no experience and are either doing the production just to be with their friends or because they hope to play a role they would never get professionally or anywhere else.

    Actors are disrespectful to creative team members and there is no chain of command to follow because the director, though he means well, is wishy washy, the "stage manager" has 0 know-how or capability of even making a proper cast list/contact sheet and anyone who actually seems like they know what they're doing is treated like they are annoying for expecting things to be run properly. The Stage Manager claims to "know how to be a stage manager" yet never calls breaks in rehearsals or pre-show call times without being reminded over and over and must be told multiple times to call people if they are late for rehearsals and just sits around instead.

    During rehearsals and tech week (which were scheduled and then rescheduled and cancelled because the stage manager would not tell the creative team who had conflicts in a timely fashion) , actors were absent from several rehearsals and therefore when they finally did show up, they were unaware of changes or blocking/lines/song lyrics.

    They use tracks which are not the worst tracks in the world. The Music Director worked hard to keep things organized, but had difficulty covering all vocal parts because casting was incomplete until a few days before tech week and not all actors would come to rehearsals and parts had to change all the way up until tech. The director would allow actors to make cuts, changes in lyrics or timing of dialogue within tracks without letting the MD know.

    Because the stage manager was totally incompetent, members of the cast or creative team would try to keep things organized, however, this was only met with issues and attitude because the stage manager would get offended that other people were doing "her job" (mind you this was the person who would ask other people what time it was during tech and would forget who was supposed to move what set pieces/props and never be on book if anyone called line and worried more about being friends with the actors than being an authority figure). At one point during tech, the MD asked an actor to come to the stage to go over something from notes and the actor put up a diva fit that she would not have enough time to get ready for the run through and when she was told she needed to come immediately, this actor proceeded to argue with the MD, raising her voice all the way from the dressing room to the stage where she continued to yell at the MD who tried to make it clear that she must do this before their half hour call time (which the actor continued to shout was not enough time to prepare for final dress rehearsal). Neither the producer, director, nor stage manager stepped in to intervene and stop the argument which was happening in front of everyone. The fact that no one stepped in and told the actor that is was unacceptable left the room feeling extremely uncomfortable and the actor continued to scream profanities as rehearsals on stage continued.

    During tech week, when people missed scene or costume changes, the director would refuse to hold to fix the problems, which he said would "get taken care of" however this would be at the expense of the actors having rehearsal time changes less than 24 hours in advance. Even at these rehearsals, things would never be as productive as they needed to be...actors would be busy socializing and wasting time while the director would run around asking people to come to the stage, yet again, when the SM was no where to be found to follow through. This is the type of group where the process will be miserable and yet the actors act as if they are better than Broadway.

    Overall not a positive process or experience for the creative/production team or te cast. Run away because the $15 per performance stipend will barely pay for your travel, let alone the pain and suffering you will have to endure.