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Gig&Tell: Cape Playhouse

  • THE BEST    
    08/25/2018  11:25am

    Cape Playhouse is top notch. So professional, well run, efficient process, great cast and crew and creatives. 10/10 would recommend.

    Housing is great. Bring a car if you can, but it’s not required.

  • Great summer theater    
    07/14/2016  10:13am

    Housing great, everyone gets their own room. Cute town, beautiful beaches that are easy to get to. Try to get one of the spare bikes so it's easy to get around on your own. Stop and Shop further than in town groceries, but much better and cheaper. Weekly grocery runs there. Rite Aid nearby, tons of restaurants with lobster rolls! Stage is very small, dressing rooms above the theater and very tiny but do-able. Weekly bonfires after the show, local bar restaurants for after show fun. Highly recommend.

  • Oldest Summer Stock Theatre in US 01/15/2013  8:10pm

    This theatre was a really great summer experience. Some of the housing is quite shady, however, even non-eq's get their own rooms. The dressing rooms are the tiniest I have ever seen, and it can get hot in the theatre/dressing rms (the dressing rooms are mostly up in the "attic"). Also, the theatre is just a nice place. BBQ's and cast activities during 2 show days, etc. Right near the beach. No cars offered, so that definitely gets to be an issue. If you have a car, drive it there.