Gig&Tell: Downtown Cabaret Theater

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    09/18/2012  5:46pm

    Downstairs Cabaret Theatre is located in Rochester, NY, unless there is another one in CT, the one I worked was in upstate, NY. My experience was the most frustrating "professional" experience I've ever had in that it was the most unprofessional. If you've worked anywhere with theatre standards, you will be largely disappointed in working for this company. The artistic director is notoriously difficult to work with. The pay is not great. The housing is a very old house which was not clean, but is spacious. They are completely under-staffed and thus, people are spread thin and things don't get accomplished in a timely manner. An example: we did not have rehearsal props throughout rehearsal and then did not have full costumes until dress rehearsal. As an actor, you are also required to complete outside hours (which are based on the number of performances you have a week) and if the theatre can't sell enough tickets to a performance, and that show is cancelled, (which happened with both of the shows that were running there when I worked there) you are then expected to work more hours to compensate for that. I was warned about some things with this theatre before I worked there and I wish I had listened.

    oh my god. everything you said. I know several people who have worked there, it is horrendous. I did see a pretty decent show there once, though. But it was a touring thing. -_-

    10/03/2012  11:11pm

    I interviewed with this theatre last year in the christmas season. There were several red flags right away, and I didn't end up working for them, but figured I would share my interview experiance.

    They asked for my availability for a phone interview and then did not contact me and all of my availabilites were past. At this point I still really needed a job, so I called up the theatre, and we set up a phone interview for the next day. I didn't think too much of it, because this has happened in the past with other theatre's and I understand e-mails can be overlooked in hectic times.

    HOWEVER- after my phone interview, I was told that I would recieve a call on monday with a decision. But then they clarified that if they didn't call me, I should call them again because it was production week and they were really busy. This set off a huge red flag for me. If they were so overextended that they couldn't make a phone call to offer me a job (that they were in desperate need to fill as their current SM was leaving in a week- with no replacement) then I didn't really think that I wanted to work there.

    I never did recieve a phone call. I have learned that if a theatre really wants you, and is going to consistantly treat you the way an employer should, they have to put in some effort too.

    10/07/2012  12:19pm

    Downtown Cabaret Theatre is in Brideport, CT. Downstairs Cabaret Theatre is in Rochester, NY.

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    10/03/2015  5:16am

    Any recent updates on this place since none of the reviews on this page are for the correct theater?

    08/17/2017  5:15pm

    Any recent updates on this place since none of the reviews on this page are for the correct theater?

    08/17/2017  5:15pm